Many residents have been saddened to hear that Peter Northall-Laurie died on Monday 26 January, aged 94. The photo is of Peter and his late wife Joy on a wedding anniversary - we believe the 35th, when she gave him the number plate PNL35Y.

After serving in the Army in WWII, Peter joined a well-known discount bank in the City of London, becoming Company Secretary (in the days when they still wore top hats). He was a common councillor of the Court of Common Council in the City of London for many years - his name appears in a list as early as 1976. He was Master of the Saddlers Company 1980/81, and he was Chairman of the Central Markets Committee as recently as 1991.
The funeral will be held at St. Michael's, Bray, at 1.00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 24.

Peter Northall-Laurie

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